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The urBook$ Difference

You know your business. You know your products. You want to spend your time building your business and using your expertise in your field to really make your mark. But running a business is about more than simply understanding how to make your product or market your services. You also need to keep track of your financial information. If you’re trying to manage your own bookkeeping, you may find it nerve-wracking. You have to pay bills, manage accounts receivable, and balance the books. urBook$ offers bookkeeping that you can manage completely online with extra help from our experienced accounting professionals.

The urBook$ concept originated from continuous client requests for a bookkeeping platform that would both allow the business owner to maintain control over some aspects of the function and avoid the hassle of constant attention to the details necessary to perform the task successfully.  For example, urBook$ allows the business owner to maintain the control over when and how bills are paid and manage the payroll process.  For convenience, all invoices are uploaded into the cloud for easy reference at any time and from anywhere!  Bills are paid at the owner’s direction and automatically recorded in the company’s books.  Similarly, owners or managers in charge of payroll can input information for processing, confident the transactions are recorded properly and the required taxes are paid on time.  The bookkeeping is performed accurately and efficiently resulting in timely and cost-effective financial reports. 

Our model can fit in well with your small business; because our services are all offered online, you get the flexibility of being able to manage your books anytime and anywhere. If you’re a small business or just starting out and you simply want bookkeeping services that allow you to keep up with payroll, income, and bill paying, urBook$ is the right choice for you.

For the first time, the optimal blend of owner control and outsourcing is possible, allowing you to focus on growing your business.  Let urBook$ show you the difference today.  

urBook$, headquartered in Plano, Texas, serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area, including Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Denton, Arlington, and beyond, including Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because our services are offered online, we’re not limited to one geographical region. We can help any business enjoy seamless bookkeeping in the digital age no matter where they are located. We invite you to explore our services, tools, and the ClientVault for storing your financial documentation. Do you have questions? Contact us.

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